Letter to Our Designers - Covid 19 Update

KBK deeply cares about the health and safety of the staff, your families, our designers, and our community. In this new normal, we need to continue to take extra precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are taking extensive measures to help ensure that we abide by and exceed the CDC social distancing, cleaning, and disinfection recommendations. Please read so that you understand the measures KBK is taking and what we kindly request of you:

KBK is now open By Appointment only.
Please contact us at 210-490-8383 or info@kbktothetrade.com to arrange time

To allow proper cleaning and preparation of the show each day, client appointments will be made between 10am – 4pm.

To avoid overcrowding in the showroom, we are aiming for KBK Sales Person to Client ratio of 1:1 or max 1:3.

And we love kids but we kindly ask that our clients and their clients not bring children to the showroom at this time, for their safety and ours.

We will have a few questions to help guide us in our scheduling.

  1. How much time do you anticipate needing in the showroom?
  2. Are there any catalogs, samples, and products we can pull in advance of your appointment?
  3. Will your client(s) be attending the appointment? If yes, how many?
  4. Is this visit for research or a scheduled meeting?  If research, after your visit, may we order memos to go direct from the vendor to your home?

On the day of your appointment, you will see that our showroom has changed a bit to accommodate these new safety measures.

  1. Staff will be wearing masks.  It will be mandatory for you and your clients to do the same. If you forget, we will have fabric on hand for you to make one.
  2. Gloves are highly encouraged and will be available if you would like to wear during your visit.
  3. Please use the original KBK entrance only.  The furniture gallery showroom side will remain locked.
  4. Sanitation station by entrance door to include extra fabric for masks, hand sanitizer, hand napkins, and trash bins.
  5. There will be check in sheet.  We ask that you initial next to your appointment time and include the time you arrive and depart.
  6. If you are returning samples that day, we will have bins labeled with the days of the week.  Please place in the proper container.
  7. Staffs desks will be wider apart.  Tape will be placed on the ground delineating 6 feet social distancing.
  8. KBK has assigned designated working areas for your designer appointments. These are surfaces that can be properly cleaned after each appointment. There will be a table tent at the table with your name.
  9. Please do not use spaces other than those designated for your projects.  This includes the floor and soft furniture.  KBK staff will respectfully ask you to move if you are working in an area other than a designated space.
  10. Clip boards with memo requests and quote requests will be available.
  11. When you are finished, please leave all unused samples at the worktable.  KBK will disinfect and put away.
  12. Kitchen will be closed.  If you would like a beverage, a KBK team member will be happy to prepare.
  13. The front door of the Annex will also be locked. Any pick-ups will be made from the back at 1105.

Here are a few things KBK is doing behind the scenes to ensure a safe environment for all who are in our showroom:

  1. Review air system/checked by HVAC to validate air quality.
  2. Add keyboard cover pads for cleaning and disinfecting without damage.
  3. Professional cleaning service with new CDC approved disinfectant for common surfaces cleaning on an increased weekly scheduled.
  4. Touch-Point cleaning by KBK employees – cleaning multiple times on common public touch points, i.e. door push areas, handles, kitchen appliances, counters, phones, copiers, table surfaces, keyboard/mouse. This cleaning process will be performed every am and pm and throughout the day.
  5. Cleaning and disinfecting areas after each use, designated working areas, desks, phones with proper chemicals to break any pathogen chain.
  6. Placement of tent cards with disinfectant information to educate our clients on what KBK is doing to maintain a safe and healthy workspace. Reminder signs placed in restrooms about using hand napkins to avoid direct contact with high touch surfaces, i.e. faucets, toilets, and door handles.
  7. KBK Staff Sanitation station by rear 1204 door in include hand sanitizer, paper towels and trash bin.
  8. In process, adding special kickplates to doors to avoid touching handles.

First and foremost, our collective health and ability to meet your needs are paramount. We have put together these requests to ensure KBK remains service centric and sanitized between visitors. As conditions change, so could our policies. We appreciate your understanding, flexibility and respect during these times. Please let us know if you have any questions.

On behalf of everyone at KBK, in good health and we look forward to seeing you.

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